Childproof America - Safeguarding Families Against Sex Trafficking

2018 Seminar Audience Member Reviews

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    As a mom of a girl who has been trafficked, I am always on the lookout for resources and information. I was excited to hear about Childproof America's mission. Although I live in Dallas, I considered the trip a no-brainer for the opportunity to meet others who have been devastated by this evil. Other than Senator Cruz, I didn't recognize any of the speakers; I was mainly interested in making connections with other parents. I was pleasantly surprised to hear some of the most passionate and articulate presenters I've ever seen. I already knew a lot about trafficking, but the variety of speakers opened my eyes to how different organizations are tackling this issue—through education as well as confronting societal issues that make trafficking possible (pornography, views of women, etc.). The survivors' stories helped me understand my daughter's world better, and they gave me hope. In addition to the speakers, there were representatives from various groups in the Houston area that provide education and treatment, giving me some creative ideas for my own community. In short, I would say the seminar provided a "big picture" overview of trafficking—what it is, recognizing signs, how our society unwittingly supports objectifying women so that trafficking occurs, how to treat victims, community resources, and legislative efforts to eradicate it. Trafficking of your child is a nightmare no parent ever expects to be part of. It is a lonely, painful, and isolating road. This seminar made me feel less alone and part of a bigger movement. It gave me hope because I saw how many people care about this issue and are doing something about it, even if they have not been personally impacted. Hope is often hard to come by on this journey, and I came away with tremendous hope and the energy to continue the battle. Thank you, Kelly!
    Mother of a Victim
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    As a mother of a child who was almost taken through human trafficking, sitting through the seminar was very emotional. I only wish I had this information and wisdom I got from listening to Kelly and her speakers sooner so the nightmare that occurred in our home might never have happened. My 13-yr. old daughter was sexually assaulted by a 27-yr. old man who was posing as a peer online. He won the trust of my young, innocent daughter and our lives were changed forever. After countless months of wondering how this could happen right under our noses, in our own home, and us not know about it until years later, leaves me emotionally battered. This initial trauma set her on a course that led to drugs, risky behavior, ultimately making her a target to traffickers. My daughter’s innocence was taken from us and we will never get that back. If I could give a mother any words of advice it would be to stop, slow down, listen to your gut and pay close attention to everyone in your child’s life. All of the signs they talked about during the Childproof America seminar were there and I missed them. Thankfully my daughter is receiving the treatment she needs and my family is slowly healing from all the damage done by this horrible epidemic of human trafficking. It is real, it is close, and it can happen to anyone. My advice is get informed, get involved and educate your children on the dangers of the internet and social media.
    Mother of a Victim
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    I found the seminar to be informative. The speakers were great and gave relevant, valuable information that will be useful for prevention and intervention of this crime against children. Everything stayed on time and flowed smoothly. I liked the direct language used by the speakers as they did not sugar coat or downplay the seriousness of this issue. To many it may have been shocking, but it needed to shock some people to get them to understand what is going on in our communities each and every day. This seminar did that. It did show the obvious destruction of children's lives, but also the economical, physiological, mental, social, and overall impact sex trafficking has on our communities. Working in juvenile justice, I see about 48% of my girls participate in this lifestyle. I would like to see more school districts trained to recognize the grooming process, especially with middle school youth who display signs of vulnerability. Linda K. Love, MBA Executive Director, Youth SOULutions Positive Parenting Primary Care Practitioner
    Linda K. Love, MBA, Executive Director, Youth SOULutions
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    This was an amazing seminar you and your team put together to raise awareness of this horrific sin/crime running rampant not only in our nation, but sadly so prevalent in the city of Houston. I have participated in the Elijah Rising bus tour which I found to be very impactful. Your seminar was quite eye opening and your speakers added very valuable insights into things I had no idea about. I felt the slide with the pictures where you asked us to identify who we thought were the Traffickers was especially shocking! It was very impactful to have Senator Ted Cruz there explaining that without legislation at the federal level, it really won't matter how many arrests are made. We need laws that have some teeth to get these people off the street and away from our children. The forensic nurse, the police officer, the survivors.........all were pieces of this matrix that needed to be heard.
    Candi Wood
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    Thank you for holding this seminar and making it affordable. It really opened my eyes to the facts of this awful topic and I’ve since been able to share info I learned from this event. I have more awareness and knowledge and for that, I am grateful.
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    Kelly, what a remarkable day! All of the work you put into the seminar paid off. It left every person there ready to go out and share what they learned. The survivors were such wonderful examples of the hope we can have for other victims. Each speaker helped us understand the different facets of this terrible evil. Thank you for your strong leadership and shining a light on the darkness of human trafficking.
    Mary Lynn Todaro