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Can you spot the pimp/trafficker?

We all know what pimps look like right?  They drive flashy Cadillac’s with dice on the mirror.  They wear fur coats and hats with feathers.  Not exactly, pimps can look like anyone.  Here is a fun test.  Take a look at the slide and see if you can pick out the pimp.  It can tricky because one or two of them may look a pimp the way you picture it in your mind.  Anyone want to take a guess?  I said it was a bit tricky, but the whole thing is a trick.  They are all pimps.  Everyone on the slide has been convicted of human trafficking. 

The first guy was a small time rapper in Dallas, who kidnapped a girl and pimped out.  The guy posing as a “rapper” is a very common theme for pimps.
The next guy is also from DFW.  It is an east side of Fort Worth gang called Vario Centro or the VCs.  The gang was running a prostitution ring targeting 12-16 year old girls.  They had a girl gang member who would recruit girls.  When the time came she would go pick them up to go shopping to buy some clothes, but she would not take them home.  They were going to get to wear those clothes right away because she took them to the gang where gang members would pimp them out.  The girls stayed in school and lived at home, but they were frequently prostituted because the gang convinced them they would kill the girl’s family if she ever told anyone or failed to perform.

Surely not the cheerleader.  She doesn’t look like a pimp.  Well it turns out she was a senior cheerleader showed the younger cheerleaders a way to make some easy money.  She set up Backpage ads made the appointments and drove the younger cheerleaders wherever they needed to go. 
The middle aged woman in the bottom left was convicted of prostituting minors.  The minors were her three teenage daughters.  I don’t know the backstory of whether she had a drug habit, had run up a big debt, or what.  Regardless of her motivation, it’s shocking, and she doesn’t look like a pimp.
The guy next to her was forcing two 13 year old girls to strip at a strip club and was prostituting them out to patrons of the club. 
The older man there has been convicted, but there are too many girls to talk about the specifics. He ran a large enough ring that was successful and around long enough that his son began working the business.  They were both arrested.
The soldier picked up a 14 year old girl to give her a ride home, but he didn’t take her home.  He took her to a friend’s house.  They gave her alcohol, then some ‘cigarettes’ that turned out to be meth.  They both raped her.  Took her to local game room and had her dance for the crowd.  Then they pimped her out.
The point is that whether you are looking at the cheerleader, the mom, or the all American soldier, they look very normal.  Just like the victim can look like the person next door, so can the pimp.